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Duke's images include landscapes of National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks and BLM locations primarily in the SW United States.  Other subjects include Vintage Cars, Vintage Trucks, Operational Steam locomotives, Vintage Barns of Eastern Washington, Washington and Oregon seascapes, nature's details and converting some to very colorful abstract designs .  Duke incorporates new image styles to enhance image character or give the images a more PAINTERLY appearance.  You can check these results in the various galleries at this website. 


He provides are a variety of PRESENTATIONS for his work.  In addition to the framed, metal and canvas gallery wraps, he incorporates unique materials for framing and mounting his work.  Examples include circular metal rings as frames, old sash windows with drop shadow boxes,  3D raised panel mounts, tile and wood as bases for smaller pictures, train plates with spikes, and acrylic and aluminum substrates behind metal prints to provide and enhancing border.  Examples of these presentations are shown in the UNIQUE presentation gallery.  


Duke has received numerous awards for his work from local galleries and the St George Art Museum.  The most significant recent award was for his YELLOWSTONE - PUNCH BOWL metal print in the St George Art Museum's 2016 National Park Service Centennial program.  His work is displayed at the Red Cliffs Gallery and other locations in the St. George area.


He has taught digital photography for the Institute for continued learning at Dixie State University for ten years.   For inquires please contact Duke at:  or 435-773-8963